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Smart Food Safe
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455 Bd Fénelon
Dorval, Quebec, H9S 5T8

About Smart Food Safe

SmartFoodSafe stands as a prominent provider of cutting-edge technology solutions that enable businesses to excel in managing Quality, Food Safety, Regulatory, and Traceability at a remarkably affordable price. 

Our smart software solutions help businesses to mitigate food safety risk, enhance product quality, improve regulatory compliance, bring operational efficiencies, provide real-time traceability and digital transparency while also providing a 

positive return on investment.

We provide a comprehensive suite of software modules for an effective food safety and quality management solutions:

  • Smart Docs: Global Quality and Food Safety Document Management System

  • Smart Record: Transitioning from Traditional Paper-Based to Digital Records

  • Smart Supplier: Risk-Based Supplier Approval and Performance Management

  • Smart Specification: Product Specification and Recipe Management

  • Smart Audit: Improve Food Safety and Quality Compliance Gaps

  • Smart CAPA: Effective Root Cause Analysis and CAPA Management Software

  • Smart Compliance: Automated Product Release and Compliance Management

  • Smart Training: Digital Learning Management Software Solution

  • Smart Visitor: Digital Visitor and Access Management Application

  • Smart EMP: Automate Environmental Monitoring with EMP Software

  • Smart Label: Nutritional Fact and Labeling Management Software

  • Smart Lab: Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Software

  • Smart Farm: Capturing Farm Management Practices to Meeting GAP Requirements

  • Smart IAM: Smart Control of Identity and Access Management

  • Smart Integration: Integration of Internal Modules or External Applications/Devices

  • Smart HACCP: Streamline Hazard Analysis to Preventive Control Planning 

  • Smart Recall: Food Safety and Recall Management Database 

  • Smart Regulatory: Easy Access to Global Food Safety Regulation Requirements


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Smart Food Safe Specialties

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An Overview of the Recent FAO Foresight Report: “Thinking About the Future of Food Safety”

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Posted 20/10/2023 by Smart Food Safe
Monitoring Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) Foods With Integration Technologies

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How to Conduct an Effective Root Cause Analysis for a Successful CAPA Resolution

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Bridging Workforce Development and Digitalization via Efficient Learning Management Systems (LMS) Software

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Controlling Foreign Material Contamination Across the Food Supply Chain for a Robust Food Safety and Quality Management System

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Establishing Statistical Process Control in Quality Management Systems (QMS)

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Essential Guide to Choosing an Effective Food Safety Management Software

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Digital Food Safety Management System In Controlling FATTOM Components

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Modernizing Food Safety Inspections: Digital Transformation of the Official Food Safety Control in Barcelona

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FDA’s Unified Human Foods Program In the Making: Progress Updates

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Posted 26/07/2023 by Smart Food Safe
“Make CAPA Cool”: Remodeling CAPA Management

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Posted 20/07/2023 by Smart Food Safe
USDA’s “Grand Challenge” Initiative: On the Frontlines Against Salmonella

Did you know a  research study  on the global burden of nontyphoidal Salmonella gastroenteritis revealed... View More

Posted 12/07/2023 by Smart Food Safe
Digital Document Management System: A Guardian in Ensuring Food Safety, Quality, and Regulatory Compliance for Audit Readiness

Do you know in the language of auditing, if you did not document something, it simply means you did not do it? ... View More

Posted 04/07/2023 by Smart Food Safe
FAO’s Role, Efforts and Global Leadership in Ensuring Safe Food

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Posted 03/07/2023 by Smart Food Safe
Global Food Chain Traceability and the Current Status of FSMA’s Food Traceability Rule

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Posted 30/06/2023 by Smart Food Safe
U.S. FDA’s 2024 Draft Guidance on Food Labeling: Overview & Insights

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Robert M. Califf, M.D. revealed in an  FDA News Release... View More