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Member Editorial Guidelines

Food Safety Select publishes member articles on the Food Safety Select website and within its eNews that assist Australia's food industry with food safety. Articles must be food safety-related and technical or educational in nature. 

Furthermore, articles must:

  • Be original pieces - We do not accept articles that have been published elsewhere (other than on your own website, e.g. blog article)
  • Be plagiarism-free - We will not accept articles that contain information that has been copied from another source.
  • Be relevant - Submissions must be relevant to the subject of food safety. 
  • Be submitted in English and no longer than 1000 words.  
  • Adhere to all scheduled submission deadlines.
  • Be submitted with a high-resolution cover image 740px x 400px. The author must only use images or graphics where they have obtained permission. Article images can be provided free of charge on request.
  • Where applicable, include any references, numbered in order within the article text by superscript numerals. 
  • All content must be readable including coherent writing, good spelling, and grammar.

Food Safety Select reserves the right to copyedit all submissions to ensure that each article serves its purpose. 

Send your article ideas to our editor for approval prior to creating and submitting your article. Email your idea to admin@foodsafetyselect.com