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"Making food safety easy for Australia's food industry"


When it comes to food safety, the food industry faces many challenges. Understanding complex standards and regulations, the threat of new and emerging viruses, maintenance issues, supplier verification, food safety culture issues, finding appropriate training, products and services, a million records to keep, and acronyms to remember... are just a few.  

Introducing Food Safety Select - an online food safety platform that was created to make food safety easier for Australia's food industry. Not only do we help connect food businesses with trusted suppliers and service providers (that can help businesses start and run their business safely), we also help businesses learn, save time and money by keeping them up to date with the latest food safety news, events, training, supplier deals, and resources.

We can help you ...


Search our website to instantly find everything you need to start and run your business safely and comply with food safety requirements.


Save time and money by comparing and selecting the best quote from food industry suppliers, as well as taking advantage of supplier discounts and deals.


Learn about the latest in food safety technology through our news, resources, and the latest products and services on offer.

How it works

Need help finding training, products or services to help your business comply with food safety requirements? Or simply looking for some inspiration to take your business to the next level in food safety. Our platform has everything you need!

1. Search

Browse our platform for suppliers, deals, events, training, resources, and much more.

2. Compare

Compare deals, training, and quotes offered by suppliers.

3. Select

Contact the supplier and select the best product or services available.


Our history

Food Safety Select was founded in Melbourne, Australia, by entrepreneur Melissa Boyle, a professional with a passion and background in food safety, public and environmental health, as well as the food industry.  Food Safety Select has become a pioneer in the food safety economy, with thousands of users since its establishment. 

Food Safety Select is dedicated to making food safety easy for the food industry, using technology to change the way that food safety solutions are made available in Australia. 

Food Safety Select was launched in October 2020... An incredible journey so far, and just the beginning!