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Posted 28/02/2022

SPOTLIGHT ON: Andreas Klieber, Managing Director of Quality Associates

SPOTLIGHT ON: Andreas Klieber, Managing Director of Quality Associates

In this edition of the Food Safety Select Member Spotlight Series, we asked the successful Managing Director of Quality Associates, Andreas Klieber, about their specialised training and consulting services and how he and his team have been helping the food industry with food safety excellence and quality management here in Australia and overseas. 

What is the story behind the establishment of Quality Associates and what was your involvement?

Quality Associates was born out of a passion for food safety and quality. Having years of experience supporting the industry both here and internationally, we saw a gap in the industry. We saw a need for tailored support from a company that had the capabilities of the larger multinationals but with the flexibility and personalisation of independent consultants. We found a niche in that area and have grown with the support of our clients. 

What training and consulting services are offered by Quality Associates?

Quality Associates offers a range of consulting and training services. All of our consulting is customised to meet the needs of the customer. Our key areas of consulting are Label Review services, HACCP Plan Development, Crisis Management and Food Safety/ Quality Risk Evaluations. In terms of training, we have a very wide offering developed by experts. We offer Nationally Recognised HACCP Training and Internal Food Safety Auditor Training, as well as a range of industry best practice courses (such as Sensory Evaluation Principles and Food Microbiology Training, with a specialised course on Listeria Management). We have also developed a self-paced online training portal for courses, such as HACCP Refreshers.

Tell us about your team and the diverse expertise they bring to Quality Associates.

Our amazing team is spread over Australia with our main base in Melbourne. We have a vast range of experience, from lead auditors in multiple fields, skills examiners, trainers, and consultants. They have experience across both retail and FMCG both internationally and locally.

Who are Quality Associates customers? 

Our clients vary across the industry. We work closely with national and international retailers, as well as the FMCG industry, SME Manufacturers and Farmers of Australia.

How is Quality Associates helping the food industry with food safety excellence and quality management? 

We pride ourselves on supporting the industry to develop its food safety excellence. It was a key motivation for starting the business and has been my passion since starting University. I was privileged to serve on the board of the AIFST previously and am currently Chair of the Fresh Produce Safety Centre. 

On top of this, we use our crisis management experience to support a retailer with product recalls. Other examples would be the work we do with industry bodies such as APAL (Apples) and the ATGA (Grapes) to monitor and report the quality of the product on the shelf, to lift overall quality levels.

Are your services affordable to small and medium businesses?

Yes, we believe so and have worked with many SME manufacturers. We have supported many to develop HACCP plans and troubleshoot issues to pass council audits and gain HACCP certification. We have reviewed labelling for the same businesses, solving allergen issues that can arise. We also offer affordable online training for key courses. 

Why are customers choosing Quality Associates over competitors?

The feedback that we receive is that our personal service, attention to detail, customisation, and fast turnaround times are what clients are looking for. We believe this has translated into a reputation for quality work.

What sort of support is available to Quality Associates customers? 

We are always available via email or phone call and welcome our clients to stay in communication through the process of any work we do.

What locations do you provide training and consultations services?

We work mainly in Australia and New Zealand, however, we have audited in Southeast Asia, have ongoing consulting support with companies in Asia, and have completed labelling reviews for exported products to the USA and Europe. For international work, we work remotely where possible to keep costs lower.

What 3 words best describe Quality Associates?

Quality. Safety. Trust.

For more information or enquiries, visit Quality Associates business page or phone 1300 73 71 93.

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