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Posted 28/10/2021

SPOTLIGHT ON: Peter McCarthy, Director of PestIT Pty Ltd

SPOTLIGHT ON: Peter McCarthy, Director of PestIT Pty Ltd

In this month's edition of the Food Safety Select Member Spotlight Series, we asked Peter McCarthy, the Founder and Director of PestIT Pty Ltd about their game-changing pest management solutions. As one of  Australia's most successful pest management companies, PestIT has been challenging the status quo with its early detection technology and environmentally friendly, low-impact, and no-toxicity solutions for more than 17 years. 

What is the story behind the establishment of PestIT and how did you become involved?

Having been involved in the supply of pest control “pesticides” (from 1990 – 2004) I had been researching innovations and new technologies for some time. My primary interest was environmentally friendly, low-impact, and no-toxicity options for commercial pest management. Since starting PestIT over 17 years ago I focused on bird management as well as insect, bird, and rodent control “without” the need for pesticides. This modern approach now incorporates IoT technology, glueboards, UV light, pheromones, proofing, exclusion and physical devices to reduce or eliminate the need for toxic chemicals. Thirty years on, I am still excited to explore the role of pest management without reliance on toxic pesticides.

Tell us about PestIT and the pest control products and services you offer Australia's food industry

Primarily, PestIT is a manufacturer, importer, and designer of pest management equipment. Our products are available for commercial businesses to purchase and implement into food facilities. PestIT is Australia’s leader in bird management training, products, support, and consultancy, whereby we assist professional pest managers, grain and food facilities with pest bird management solutions. We also have a very broad range of pest management systems, devices, and hardware for insect, bird, stored product pest, and rodent management. 

Our latest development is the implementation of electronic rodent sensors, called RATSENSE. There isn’t a single business in the food industry that wouldn’t benefit from 24/7 real-time rodent monitoring, nor removing rodents at the earliest possible opportunity. 

How are you helping businesses with food safety and compliance? 

Using any of PestIT’s “non-toxic” pest management solutions as an alternative to pesticides is an immediate safety and compliance improvement. Automated systems such as UV fly units, pheromone glueboards, rodent traps, and insect monitors are exceptional early warning systems that will reduce risk and ultimately improve food safety.

Introducing IoT rodent sensor technology, such as RATSENSE, is our current focus, where real-time rodent surveillance will be a game-changer for all food facilities. Currently, facilities wait for a monthly report of rodent activity from their pest management contractor. Now, pest managers and facilities can monitor rat and mouse movement in real-time (24/7), receive automated reporting, and minimise activity earlier. This data-driven solution provides heat mapping, population density, and distribution profiles. The sensors tell you where, at what time, and how serious your rodent issue is. They help you target the pest at the source! From a HACCP perspective, this technology will be a highlight for both auditors, food facilities, and pest professionals alike.   

Our core business relates to being Australia’s leader in bird management systems, training and consulting – we love to assist food facilities to reduce the impact on food safety of pest birds. Our bird management range is extensive and includes physical, exclusion, scare, and electrified deterrent systems.

Why are your pest control products and systems considered cleaner, greener and smarter?

Since I began my journey in pest control products in 1990, highly toxic chemicals were being used in schools, food production facilities, and countless other sensitive situations. I had long felt that there needed to be a better way. Also, to offer a more modern and environmentally appropriate option in step with our current societal belief systems. Literally a cleaner, greener, smarter way!

Our focus at PestIT is creating non-chemical solutions that will reduce reliance on pesticides. This concept will in turn minimise harmful residues in the food Australia produces and consumes.

Who are PestIT’s customers? 

Typically, pest managers and FM companies, food production, retail and service businesses, grain facilities, government, and Defence. Anyone with a pest issue looking for a modern solution-based approach.

Are your services affordable to small businesses?

Pest IT is the manufacturer, importer, or originator of the products. So, we can safely say, we offer a competitive approach. Avoiding the impact of pesticides using hardware systems may be considered a higher cost. However, early detection, reducing risk and solving issues before escalation is a significantly more efficient and less costly outcome.

Tell us about some of the advantages you have over your competitors.

As the product manufacturer and importer, we have a cost advantage to assist our clients. More importantly, as the brand owners, there is the ownership and value proposition as well. We care for our brands and the products appropriate use as much as we care for our clients. We also manage the warranty, training, and support to assist clients.

What sort of support is available to PestIT’s customers? 

We are a truly micro-business with a wealth of expertise in our technical team. We assist most businesses with site visits (location dependent due to COVID), which allows for a personal touch in pest management solutions. 

We conduct several webinars and industry interviews each month to support pest and food-related businesses. The webinar topics are pest profile, technology, technique or industry leadership in nature and are uploaded to our YouTube channel

Finally, our product range is designed and based on 30+ years of industry involvement, offering value through high-quality professional outcomes.

How can businesses find PestIT and what locations do you service?

Our full range and service provision can be found at www.pestIT.com.au. A phone call on 1300 665 657 to talk to myself or our team, or perhaps request a site visit, are all great places to start. PestIT also supports a network of pest managers that use our product Australia-wide. We are here to help!

What 3 words best describe PestIT? 

Do you need to ask – “Cleaner, Greener, Smarter” of course!

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