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Posted 01/04/2022

SPOTLIGHT ON: Margaret Balfour, Principal of diligence.

SPOTLIGHT ON: Margaret Balfour, Principal of diligence.

In this edition of the Food Safety Select Member Spotlight Series, Margaret Balfour shares her story on the establishment and expertise offered by diligence.. Well known for her legal and training expertise in food safety and regulatory compliance, Margaret and her team have been successfully helping the food industry succeed in food safety and quality excellence across Australiasia.

What's your experience in the food industry and what drove you to establish diligence.? 

My first job in the food industry was working after school at KFC in 1983!  After almost 40 years in the food industry, I realised it was imperative that the businesses within the industry really needed solid technical support from a team that understood their commercial challenges.  We achieve this by offering a cost-effective service with excellent technical skills.

What training and services are currently offered by diligence.?

diligence. offers a range of training in the food safety sector, from HACCP, VACCP, TACCP to food microbiology, internal and external audits  We are recognised BRCGS and VITAL Approved Training Providers working in food, food allied, animal feeds, and other sectors.

Tell us about your team and their expertise?

Our team are GFSI and degree-qualified food safety experts with significant industry expertise.  Our team members are located across Australia and we prefer to provide a local resource where possible. We believe the most important quality of our team members is the ability to communicate with the client, understand their commercial sensitivities and challenges and support them through their achievements. Our team has industry and audit experience across the globe in every sector of the food industry.

Who are your customers or what sort of businesses are choosing diligence.? 

Wow – this one is quite complicated and very varied.  We deal with start-up food and non-food operations, from the concept stage right through to large multinationals dealing with legal and allergen issues. We specialise in high-risk, high-care type operations including ready-to-eat meals, catering facilities, airline providers, quick-service restaurants and offer technical support, legal compliance advice, label reviews and preparation, provenance claims and investigations, gap audits, and also HACCP certification.  Our team is also currently working on a specific industry project developing a new Standard.

How is diligence. helping the food industry with food safety excellence and quality management? 

Food safety is the cornerstone and foundation of all food and food-allied businesses.  We assist our clients to improve their compliance levels with regard to their specific customer requirements, industry, and regulatory standards. On the journey, we support our clients through education, advice, and guidance.

Are the services on offer considered affordable to small and medium businesses?

Absolutely.  Our clients often comment that their quotation or invoice is less than expected. We don’t believe in charging extraordinary dollars for the work we do – but it’s no less valuable.  We give our clients value for money and we offer a fast turnaround with a team that is flexible, responsive, and can provide swift assistance where it is required the most.

Why are customers choosing Diligence. over competitors?

Clients are seeking value for money. That’s exactly what we offer.

What sort of support is available to customers?

diligence. offers a wide variety of technical support to the food and allied industries, including technical support, legal compliance advice, label reviews and preparation, provenance claims and investigations, gap audits, and also HACCP certification.

What locations do you currently offer training and services?

Our team members offer services across Australasia with some clients located in the Pacific Islands and SE Asia.

What 3 words best describe diligence.? 

diligence, food safety and value.

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