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Posted 02/01/2022

SPOTLIGHT ON: Hugo Fonseca, Co-founder and Managing Director of BOFON

SPOTLIGHT ON: Hugo Fonseca, Co-founder and Managing Director of BOFON

This month we asked Hugo Fonseca, Co-founder and Managing Director of BOFON, all about their successful Australian venture that is making a difference and challenging the status quo with their popular hand sanitiser, custom branding solutions, and charity partnership.

What is the story behind the establishment of BOFON and how did you become involved?

BOFON came about almost by coincidence but was driven by a passion to address key challenges Australia (and the world) was facing when COVID first hit in 2020. It was at this time we witnessed the shortage in this critical day-to-day product and many entities trying to profit out of the demand - exploiting the crisis through incredibly high prices and in many cases low quality. So we decided to do something about it. We spent a long time researching product formulas and quality suppliers to find one that delivered our 3 key priorities - high quality, gentle on skin, and great prices... and that's exactly what we have!

Tell us about BOFON and the product you offer the Australian food industry.

We believe our hand sanitiser is exceptional with the perfect balance. It dries quickly, leaving no stickiness or residue on your hands, as well as leaving them feeling soft and fresh, with the wonderful scent of aloe vera. In fact, it was recently voted No. 1 in a Blind Test, up against some of the most popular and well-known brands.

Our product has been tested at the NMI (National Measurement Institute), a federal government testing facility, confirming the level of alcohol in our product was even slightly higher than the required 70% (with results between 77-79% alcohol content). As we’ve seen in CHOICE's consumer testing, many other manufacturers/distributors are stocking inferior quality products, at times advertised as 70%+ alcohol when in actual fact it was proven to be in the 20% - 30% range.

Our product is made by a reputable and well-established manufacturer, who has been specialising in manufacturing hygiene products, toiletries, hotel & airline products for more than 6000 hotels across the US, Europe, and Asia in accordance with many international certifications.

At BOFON we also offer an amazing custom branding service, which has proven to be our most popular service. Businesses can brand our exceptional product with their logo/artwork and use it as an ‘always-on’ marketing tool, onsell it, or as many have done - gift it to customers. This has worked wonders in terms of customer engagement and customer loyalty.

How does your sanitiser help businesses with food safety? 

Given the rigorous testing it has been through, and its high quality, it assists by not only being effective from a day to day hand hygiene perspective but more importantly it encourages staff to use it more often by removing any concerns they may have around dry skin, foul smells, etc.

How do you know your sanitiser is effective against germs and viruses, such as COVID 19?

Hand Sanitiser manufacturers/distributors/retailers, in general, cannot make any claims as to its effectiveness against specific viruses (like COVID-19 for example) due to regulatory requirements from the regulator (Therapeutic Goods Australia). What we do know is that our hand sanitiser has 70%+ alcohol content, which is within the WHO recommended guidelines for maximum effectiveness and is proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria and germs. By ensuring we meet these guidelines, we are ensuring maximum efficacy.

Tell us about your charity partnership with GOOD360?

We’re very proud of this partnership. For us, it was something we had always aspired to establish. Our partnership strongly aligns with our values of supporting Australians, by making such a key staple like hand sanitiser accessible and affordable to all, especially the most vulnerable. By setting up this partnership, we have now donated over 3,000 hand sanitiser units to Australian charities and are donating 25% of all profits directly to Good360 Australia on an ongoing basis.

Good360 is a matchmaker, helping repurpose things of value by directing them to the Australians who need them most. They bring together the people working to lift up Australian communities, and the spare goods of businesses. They connect surplus with need.

Their platform for product gifting allows companies to share what they no longer need, or have too much of. Whether it’s toys to a family violence shelter or notebooks for a mental health program. So by purchasing our products, members will be supporting this amazing Australian organisation indirectly, through our profit donation.

Can businesses get a discount if they buy your sanitiser in bulk?

Absolutely! In fact, we are running a clearance sale at the moment, with up to 80% off. We have ample stock and can deliver anywhere in Australia.

Why should we order BOFON’s sanitiser instead of other sanitisers on the market? 

Because you’ll have the guarantee and peace of mind in knowing that its quality has been tried and tested, your staff and customers will love the product, and we deliver exceptional customer service, with fast delivery and ongoing updates. 

Our product has 100% 5-star reviews, and we have never actually had a single customer that has been less than blown away by the quality. It’s also priced extremely well at the moment, both if you were wanting to purchase for your business, gift, or even to retail.

Does your company deliver Australia-wide? 


Where can businesses order your sanitiser?

We offer a variety of options to suit everyone. You can lodge an enquiry on our website or order direct via TradeSquare. In fact, you can currently use voucher TSBOF100 to receive $100 off your first purchase!

Alternatively, you can contact us here or simply email us at admin@bofon.com.au and we will be delighted to assist

What 3 words best describe BOFON? 

Exceptional. Gentle. Affordable.

We are committed to ensuring ALL Australians have access to this important product - so support us as an Australian company doing the right thing by Australians, by caring about safety, quality, and affordability.


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