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Posted 02/06/2022

SPOTLIGHT ON: Darren O’Flynn, Managing Director of OFI Weigh & Inspection Solutions

SPOTLIGHT ON: Darren O’Flynn, Managing Director of OFI Weigh & Inspection Solutions

In this edition of the Food Safety Select Member Spotlight Series, we interview Darren O’Flynn, founder and managing director of OFI Weigh & Inspection Solutions, who has been successfully helping manufacturers (large and small) streamline customer production processes, eliminate contamination from the production lines, and build a reputation for quality control.

What is the story behind the establishment of OFI Weigh & Inspection Solutions and how did you become involved?

During my years working in the food industry, it became clear to me that there was a gap in the market for a new kind of inspection company to meet the demands of today's food manufacturers. In 2016, I established OFI with the goal of providing a professional service for food manufacturing plants for quality control inspections and calibrations. As the business evolved, we started to develop inspection systems to help streamline customer production processes and eliminate contamination from production lines

 Tell us about the products and services on offer at OFI Weigh & Inspection Solutions? 

Our company offers custom-built metal detection and checkweigher systems for the Australian food industry. We provide a range of X-ray inspection solutions to cater for foreign body contamination, (such as glass, stone, plastics, and metals inside of sealed food packages), as well as a range of calibration services for weighing scales, checkweighers, metal detectors, and x-ray systems. We are also accredited by the NMI (National Measurement Institute) and each one of our service technicians also has NMI accreditation.

Most of our metal detection and checkweigher solutions are manufactured right here in Melbourne, Australia. In fact, in January 2022, our company was accredited with the “made in Australia” status for our turnkey product inspection solutions.

How are your products and services helping businesses with food safety and compliance?  

Our product inspection solutions help our clients eliminate any contaminated products from their production lines before leaving their production facilities. More specifically, our metal detectors and X-ray inspection systems will remove the contaminated product from the production line before it is distributed (in most cases to the retail outlet stores), preventing unnecessary food recalls and protecting customers and our clients' reputation. Our checkweighers also help maintain accurate weight control of individual products to guarantee food labelling compliance with the food standards and ensure customers receive the stated quantity of product, as per the packaging label.

Over the years our company has also developed a number of all-in-one combination systems, including checkweighers, metal detectors, and X-ray systems. These combi systems help reduce the footprint on the factory floor, whilst providing a best-in-class quality control machine, at a reduced cost

Who are OFI Weigh & Inspection Solutions customers? 

Our customers include food manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand. We also provide solutions for the logistics industry, such as weighing systems and camera identification systems for companies such as TOLL, Fastway & FedEx.

Are your products and services affordable to small and medium businesses?

Absolutely! We have a range of products and solutions that are aimed at small food manufacturers, including start-ups, all the way up to large multinationals, such as Mondelez. 

We have many customers that have less than 10 staff that use our weighing systems and metal detectors. They utilize our hire purchase agreements, which enable small to medium food manufacturers access to cutting-edge technology. This includes maintenance-free machinery at an affordable price point with guaranteed service and spare parts (if required).

Tell us about some of the advantages you have over your competitors. 

To be honest we don't really look at our competitors. We focus on what we can do great as a business and how we can better serve our customers. We invest in our business by hiring the best people to work with the best technology. We employ mechanical and electrical engineers to design and develop our product inspection solutions right here in Australia. We partner with some of the world's leading suppliers of components to use in our Australian-made checkweighers and metal detection systems. We work hand-in-hand with our customers on every single project and we listen to their feedback. This enables us to be able to build suitable machines that offer our customers years of use and immediate ROI.

What sort of support is available to your customers? 

All our customers have full access to our 24/7 service department. We have service level agreements in place with our major customers, which gives them access to around-the-clock support via phone, remote access, or on-site presence. We keep a vast majority of spare parts in stock locally in our Melbourne facility and can ensure our customers have guaranteed uptime on our machinery.

Are your products and services available nationwide or what areas do you service?

Yes, our products are built in Melbourne and we have shipped machines to every corner of Australia and New Zealand. The majority of our technicians are based in Melbourne, however, we do have technical support in Sydney Brisbane, and Perth. Over the coming years, this will continue to expand interstate and internationally.

What 3 words best describe OFI Weigh & Inspection Solutions? 

Quality, integrity, honesty.

What is the best way for customers to get in touch with you and the OFI Weigh & Inspection Solutions team?

Our customers can ring our 1300 number 1300 989079, or my mobile 0429 421709, anytime, 24/7. Of course, they can also send any email enquires to sales@ofiiinspection.com.au.

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