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Posted 17/08/2022 in Pest Control by Pest IT Pty Ltd

Viper Stored Food & Flying Beetle L-Trap (2pc)

PestIT 26 Mologa Rd, Heidelberg West VIC 3081, Australia
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Viper Stored Food and Flying Beetle L-Trap (2pc)

The Viper Flying Beetle L-Trap is used in the monitoring of flying beetles, including: drugstore beetle ( Stegobium paniceum), museum beetle ( Anthrenus museorum), varied carpet beetle ( Anthrenus verbasci), brown carpet beetle ( Attagenus smirnovi), furniture beetle ( Anobium punctatum) , house longhorn beetle (Hylotrupes bajulus)

Material: Made from coated paperboard, the adhesive surface is secured with silicone liner, attracting photoluminescent panels

Specific features : traps contain photoluminescent plates that constantly emit light, which is a strong factor attracting night insects

Method: The Viper L-Trap should be set up in places illuminated with sunlight during the day – windowsills, cupboards, etc. In some cases, if the rooms are separated from sunlight, the traps may be set up in places where they can be exposed to strong artificial light for the longest possible time.

This Viper is Eco Friendly and Non Tox – this product does not contain harmful substances.

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26 Mologa Rd, Heidelberg West VIC 3081, Australia

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