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Posted 04/11/2022

I’M ALERT - Online food safety training

I’M ALERT - Online food safety training

Food safety and hygiene standards have never been so important. I'M ALERT Food Safety continues to be the most popular online food safety training tool in Australia. Launched back in 2007 the number of subscribers has continued to grow with over 500 000 food handlers and people involved in the food industry having completed the training.

The program has been updated and improved over recent years including the addition of Chinese subtitles and now the ability for users to log in giving them the flexibility to complete the training in a number of sessions.

The training content covers all aspects of the Food Safety Standard 3.2.2, as well as general educational information on potentially hazardous food, temperature control, food hygiene, food contamination, and management control techniques.

When you sign up to I'M ALERT you will be provided with a direct URL that you can place on your website and on marketing material so that food handlers can go directly to your personalised site. Certificates and templates will have your business logo.

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